Heartstring​​​​​​​​ was brought to life by Graphic Designer Tara Mannion after graduating from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. With over 8 years of industry based experience and knowledge, Tara is in the know with the latest trends as well as the traditional methods used within the design, print and wedding industry. 

Soon realising she could offer something completely different to the modern bride, Tara set out to create an experience for brides which would take away the stress of planning their wedding stationery but also leave them with something truly unique and beautiful.

Whether it be stationery, branding or another design brief, each project Tara takes on is as important as the next and as special to her as the last. There is nothing  she loves more than knowing she has created something her clients absolutely adore and cannot wait to share with their family, friends or customers.